About us

We are a company founded in 1985. We specialize in the supply and distribution of highly specialized medical products throughout Mexico, promoting, demonstrating, training and selling, in both the public and private sector, high-specialty consumer materials of the Vygon® Tipromed® and Yafho® brands, with factories in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, United States and China.

Pioneers in Mexico in training the use of high-tech catheters that prevent the destruction of the vein in newborns and the proper use of this technology in adult patients, as well as advice to reduce hospital-acquired infections. We started in 2001 the workshop for Doctors and Nurses "NO A LA VENODESTRUCCION®" (No to vein destruction) and in 2012 the theoretical- practical course of "NO A LA BACTERIEMIA®", (No to bacteremia), both endorsed by the Mexican Society of Pediatrics, A.C. These and other courses and workshops are kept up-to-date and are offered to the hospital medical areas of high specialty

Temas de interés médico:

  • Vygon
  • Neonatal
  • Twinflo
  • Bionector
  • Huber needle
  • Cpap boussignac
  • Yafho
  • Catheters
  • Midline
  • Smartmidline
  • Neonatology
  • Closed system
  • Nutrisafe 2
  • Fijadores - Apósitos
  • Catéter Corto IV
  • Catéter Mediana Duración
  • Anestesiology
  • Accesos Vasculares Adulto
  • Oncology
  • Vías Respiratorias
  • No a la Venodrestrucción
  • No a la Bacteriemia
  • Ya me preguntaste si me lave las manos?


distribución de productos médicos de alta especialidad en todo México

venta de productos médicos guadalajara

productos médicos gdl

Vygon guadalajara

Vygon méxico

yafho méxico

yafho guadalajara

Catéteres en guadalajara

talleres médicos

cursos médicos

capacitación médica

cateterismo guadalajara

cateters méxico

catéter PICC

catéter periférico central permanente

Línea Media Segura

taller accesos vasculares

curso accesos vasculares


Disminuir la multipunción

curso terapia intravenosa

catéter venoso periférico

taller medico neonatologo

certificaciones medicas



Closed system

Bolsa Neonatal

Alimentación Enteral 100% Segura

Fijadores - Apósitos

Catéter Corto IV


Accesos Vasculares Adulto



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