Endotracheal tube with secondary lumen for surfactant

Tubo Endotraqueal Con Lumen Secundar Para Surfactante

Secondary lumen for tracheal irrigation (to provide surfactant and / or some other medication) or pressure monitors.

 TubeSecondary lumen
CodeØ Int.mmØ Ext. mmLong. mmØ mmFlow (ml/min)

TubeØ Int.mm2.0
Ø Ext. mm3.4
Long. mm165
Secondary lumenØ mm0.40
Flow (ml/min)2.15
TubeØ Int.mm2.5
Ø Ext. mm4.1
Long. mm165
Secondary lumenØ mm0.55
Flow (ml/min)3.35
TubeØ Int.mm3.0
Ø Ext. mm4.6
Long. mm165
Secondary lumenØ mm0.65
Flow (ml/min)5.00
TubeØ Int.mm3.5
Ø Ext. mm5.2
Long. mm165
Secondary lumenØ mm0.80
Flow (ml/min)15.00
TubeØ Int.mm4.0
Ø Ext. mm5.7
Long. mm230
Secondary lumenØ mm0.95
Flow (ml/min)35.00

Mucus suction pump

Aspirador de mucosidades

Code: 534.10

Mucus suction device with an airtight container for subsequent laboratory culture.
A 10 FR probe is pre-assembled and a 6 FR probe allows aspiration for premature infants or low weight infants.
The container is provided with a cap allowing its tight seal by pressure after aspiration.


Controlled suction probe

Sonda para aspiración

Code: 534.10

Transparent PVC tube, proximal connector with lateral hole for digital control (with integral closing cap) Fr 4-5-6-7-8-10-12-16.
Fr 4-5-6-7-8-10-12-16.

Code Fr Length
535.04 4 29cm
535.05 5 29cm
535.06 6 29cm
535.07 7 29cm
535.08 8 29cm
535.10 10 29cm
535.12 12 29cm
535.16 16 29cm


Dual valve for thoracic drainage


Valve body in flexible and transparent polyurethane with flat natural rubber sleeve acting as a non-return valve.

This device is connected directly onto the patient’s pleural or thoracic drain (adult or infant), or indirectly using connector code 800.01 and an extension tube for neonates and infants.

Drenaje trocar torácico

Thoracic trocar drainage

Code:  626.12 – 626.16

A transparent PVC drain with XRO line with 2 lateral eyes, the handle ensures good grip and controlled insertion.

la asadera asegura un buen agarre y una introducción controlada.

Drenaje trocar torácico

Joly Pleural Drain 15 cm

Code: 635.12 – 635.14 – 635.18

A PVC drain with XRO line, with 2 lateral eyes and with a fixation collar.

Drenaje pleural de joly 15cm

Thoracic Trocar Drain - 28 cm

Code:  636.14 – 636.18 – 636.20 – 363.24 – 636.28 – 636.30

A PVC Thoracic Trocar Drain with XRO line, with 2 lateral eyes and fixation collar.

Drenaje trocar torácico 28cm

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